With a little help from our friends

In June 67 the Beatles released the song “With A Little Help From My Friends.” Last week I was overseeing our CPO men finish off the wall and fence we had been working on for the past few months and found myself humming the above tune.

This project has been fully backed by The Triangle Trust to whom we are grateful for putting their trust and finance into our vision. Their financial input covered all the costs of pulling down “The Wall” and old unsafe fencing that has stood there for 50 years.

This basic structure allowed me to show and inform our charges about planning (drawings), demolition, foundation and building brick work before we went on to paint the fence and gates that we had ordered (and measured up) from an outside contractor.

Our team at Open Gates put in an excellent effort as can be seen by the results on show. We don’t get two chances to make a first impression and the factory is now being transferred into an asset for the area and people of Possil, all because we had a little help from our friends.

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