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The Vision Continues

https://youtu.be/VoQI1BMOqDcOnce again, a big thank you to all that post on our site, even though my reply’s a rare. Now you can check out our


New Horizon

Hi everyone, let me start by apologising for my lack of response to your encouraging emails. The fact of the matter is that it is

Time For A full Report

This last year has had its about turns here and there. Last month due to the serious circumstances we find ourselves in, we had to

With a little help from our friends

In June 67 the Beatles released the song “With A Little Help From My Friends.” Last week I was overseeing our CPO men finish off

It never rains but it pours!

Dear Board/Partners Thought I would just keep you up to speed regarding a couple of events that has happened this past week at the factory.

OpenGates Video

Open Gates Glasgow Restoration of Furniture, Buildings and most importantly Restoration of People. Charity set up to help prevent prisoners re-offending, supported by the Deutsche